Sunday, November 23, 2014

John O'Donnell Rosales, R.I.P. By Our Cousin Val Of Babalu

John O'Donnell Rosales, R.I.P.

by Val Prieto our cousin at Babalu Blog
John O'Donnell Rosales, Piki as we all affectionately called him, my cousin, passed away yesterday afternoon following a heart attack. It is an immeasurable loss for our family.
He was the most energetic person I've ever met with an incredible love of life and family and who always faced the world with eyes wide open. He was smart as a whip, would be the first one there fighting against any injustice, and wasn't just a steadfast Patriot and son of America, but a believer and fighter for the freedom of Cuba and her people.
He not only traced our family back for generations and generations but always kept his thumb on our family's pulse and was always the first with a kind word or gesture, a congratulation or a sincere condolence. Piki was, truly, the absolute best our family had to offer.
Rest in peace, Primo. You're in good company now.

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